Two's a Crew


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Author: BINDER

Two's a Crew

Two's a Crew 2nd Edition Jack and Jude have travelled the remoter parts of Earth for more than forty years. Travelling to Australia in 1969 they home-built a ferrocement yacht while starting a family. Three years of really hard work saw their sons just walking by the time it was complete, so they set sail with the dream of sharing nature and adventure before what seemed mandatory school years. Miraculously their journey lasted not the one year imagined, but the next fifteen years. In ever increasing circles the Four J’s explored Earth, touching 80 countries while they boat-schooled their sons to the final year of high school. Jack and Jude are grandparents now, and still aboard the same vessel have just circumnavigated Australia. Wanting to compare today’s world with what they had seen on previous travels their stories are peppered with historical notes woven into the adventurous fabric of two grandparents alone, manning a powerful sailing craft through some of the world’s most dangerous waters. P/B 281 pages.

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