Sea Tracer AIS Class B Transponder


Code: N006


Sea Tracer AIS Class B Transponder

Bundle pack, transponder with combined AIS/GPS antenna.Connect the SeaTracer transponder to your onboard laptop, interphase with Memory Map Quick Charts to get live AIS information. Our combined antenna is proving very popular for both leisure and workboat use. The transponder itself is ideally mounted in a sheltered position - although it is IP-65 protected, no box of electronics likes to be continuously inundated with salt water, rain, etc. The data and power connections go down to your normal nav equipment, so the transponder can be fitted near that. You can see who else is within your vicinity, even if they are behind another object! (headland, island, ship...) You will be visible to any AIS-equipped vessel or coast station within VHF range Two-way benefits are far superior to dubious one-way performance of most radar reflectors You will see AIS navigation beacons (AtoNs) clearly displayed on your screen Consistent and repeatable performance, based on global standards Collisions can be more easily avoided Security monitoring at Ports, Harbours, Marinas Hire and charter craft can be easily monitored Anti-smuggling, Anti-piracy, Anti-terrorist, Homeland security

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